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"Devon is not only a stunt performer but also an actress which is pretty amazing in this business. We could consider her being the female version of Tom Cruise who also does his own stunts. Not only is she a tough warrior but she can also act the sexy roles as well. Look like a beauty, train like a beast is the perfect quote to describe Devon. She has everything and is already in the process of building an international career. In fact, Los Angeles seems to be the place to be for her and her husband. I’m telling you she has a promising career ahead of her. Actually, she already has an amazing career. Who wouldn’t want to work with her? She’s easy breezy and the sweetest to work with which is pretty hard to find in this business."

- BLOG & THE CITY  (Frederik Daneault Duguay)

Film Combat Syndicate: 

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"Slack throws herself head-first into the role of Skylar, an Albany resident whose cousin, Kev (Jean-Phliippe Perras) pulls her from the dreary dwellings of her upstate N.Y. residency and takes her into his Drummondville home where they start arranging a way for her to help bring some money in through underground fighting. Skylar’s got the moves, but she’s way rough around the edges and it’s up to Kev to help get Skylar trained and prepped to take on fighters."

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